Sanitation removal and transportation vehicle frequently running red lights yesterday morning Yinzho mp7a1

Sanitation removal and transportation vehicle frequently running red lights yesterday morning Yinzhou police had two vehicles checked early garbage truck in recent years, traffic accidents occur frequently around about the sanitation workers, especially in the early morning of the 5 to 6 this "darkness before the dawn", is to become the "black sanitation workers two hours". In view of this, the Yinzhou police launched an operation for subordinate squadron to carry out assault campaigns, traffic safety awareness and thorough investigation of illegal as much as possible to improve the sanitation workers. Yesterday morning 5 am, Yinzhou under the traffic police squadron 5 Bingfen Road, respectively, at the junction with Yinzhou Avenue Ning Road intersection, Tashan Weir Road junction, Guangde Lake Road intersection, Jiang Ning Road junction, Mingguang Road intersection card, and sanitation vehicles transporting waste red light malicious behavior. Less than half an hour, the traffic police on the road in Yinzhou and Nanjing Road intersection stopped a red light sanitation vehicles. After being stopped, the driver is more excited mood, arguing that wet slippery road leading to a red light. Then there are a sanitation car arrested. Yinzhou road in the senior middle school entrance, here the traffic police after receiving the card in front of the intersection "bulletin" after the sanitation truck stopped, because it ran the red light in the front, there is also no illegal card number after amplification. Early in the morning is the time of sanitation workers, but also the high incidence of accidents. On the one hand is the sanitation workers themselves traffic safety awareness, on the other hand this time point is dim, but fewer cars faster, some drivers still in a confused state, it is prone to accidents." Responsible for on-site investigation work under traffic police squadron Deputy captain Shi Jianhua said, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, they will be fined 150 yuan, recorded 6 points penalty on the red light of the sanitation car driver, but also will be investigated briefing to the relevant person in charge of urban sanitation department. In the thorough investigation at the same time, the traffic police department also sent a "safe" home. 9 this morning, Yinzhou Soochow traffic police squadron specially organized personnel to Wuzhen sanitation station, organized traffic safety training classes for sanitation workers. In the lecture, the preacher combined with this year, all over the country involved in sanitation workers traffic accidents, to tell the importance of the presence of traffic safety. At the same time, the preacher also told them about the rights of sanitation vehicles, traffic accidents after the disposal of the way, as well as common traffic accident liability and compensation issues. Police told reporters that the reason for holding this activity, because. On the morning of October 28th 6 pm, in the east Wu Da Ao Industrial Zone, a sanitation tricycle was a pickup truck knocked to the sanitation workers aunt Guo multiple trauma. But the traffic police finally identified Guo aunt need to bear the full responsibility for the accident, because she is the reverse driving. Sanitation workers this group most of the older age, mostly women, self-protection awareness is not strong. Many people subconsciously always think "the car would let me ‘so early should not what car’, so they are often retrograde, running red lights, crossing the road, crossing the zebra does not get off the implementation, these are very easy to cause the accident." Traffic police said they initiated this remediation action, is to fasten the sanitation workers on the seat belt, to avoid the tragedy occurs again. At the same time, they also suggested that sanitation workers in the Chen相关的主题文章:

Julie starred in the movie directed by peter out do not want to have to do (video) stanley博士的家2

Julie starred in the movie directed by peter out do not want to have to do [Abstract] Julie is responsible for the new film directed by "Africa" also starring Peter, originally this budget of $110 million (about 734 million yuan) movie next year will start shooting, but Julie decided to quit, will not participate in the film. Julie, Peter Peter Julie old photo exposure without domestic violence for custody of the Tencent exaggeration lying entertainment news September 24th news, according to Hongkong media reports, Brad · (Brad Pitt); Peter and his wife Angelina · Julie (Angelina Jolie) refers to unilateral divorce, divorce Julie in public and in private, do not want to the same skin anything special. Julie is responsible for the new film directed by "Africa" also starring Peter, originally this budget of $110 million (about 734 million yuan) movie next year will start shooting, but Julie decided to quit, will not participate in the film. The movie tells archaeologist Richard Leakey to combat the illegal hunting of elephants in 80s after, although spent years of preparation, but Julie with the film company in the creative idea is.相关的主题文章:

To expand the source of information in order to prop up the tourism black list — Guan 3u8547

To expand the source of information in order to prop up the tourism "black list" — Guangxi channel — recently, the National Tourism Administration issued eleven holiday "black list", covering area, travel agencies, tourism staff, tour guides, tourists 5 categories, including the scenic spot and comprehensive order and toilet revolution, the order of the tourism market, tourism security and tourism services 4 special, "Red List" as the best (or excellent), "black list" for the poor (or unqualified, not civilization), covering 31 provinces and municipalities and Xinjiang production and construction corps. "Black list" is an innovative tourism evaluation mechanism, gained a lot of attention. However, a Shanghai reporter to the "black list" problems of the Sun Island International Club, Zhangjiajie Dragon Cave Scenic Spot confirmation, the relevant responsible person for the problem of exposure denied, the staff reply is "not received" customer feedback "basically say very good" "is also solved in time". So, in a "Rashomon" embarrassing truth, why is baffling. A "black list" sources of information, the summary information provided by the Department of tourism authorities around the holiday tourism market order according to the local situation and. Tourism authorities criticized the scenic spot, the interests of the interests of the original intention is understandable, but the degree of information disclosure has yet to be further expanded: what is the evidence? How much is the visitor feedback? Scenic spots and the competent authorities have details between each other? These are the details still need to enrich their credibility. In the current information disclosure is insufficient, even if exposed, the area is still can confidently, to adopt a "talking" to maintain an ambiguous attitude. Fight or sly sophistry worth mentioning, at least that means "black list" ranking also need to expand the sources of information, feedback information to a greater extent in tourism services directly bear — tourists, so as to further enhance the credibility of the extrusion, each one sticks to his argument discourse space. If there is not enough information sources, "black list" may also be transformed into "the honor list". "Black list" soon, to celebrate the local scenic spot into the red list as many places, while the "black list" carefully conceal mentioning. In fact, "black list" of the authority level, "black" quality is particularly important, and the tourism department in charge of the "red" and "black" preference is can hardly be avoided. From the "black list" of the data can also see some clues, there are 14 areas of the black list submitted to the country, more than half of the area is not timely to the National Tourism Bureau reported negative information. Did not submit the black list of provinces in all aspects of the perfect? I’m afraid not. Therefore, "black list" to become the authoritative list has a deterrent effect, the credibility of the key is the radius range of expanding the sources of information, access to 12301 tourist complaints platform, 12315 consumer protection and other aspects of the platform data resources, clarify the information standard adopted, let some local cannot conceal the situation. In recent years, some of the chaos of domestic tourism has been widely criticized, correction measures continue to launch, "black list" also has been no small expectations. You know, hold up the "black list" is only the credibility, the credibility is the inevitable result of social evaluation of extensive sources. The public expects ")相关的主题文章:

Pu Cunxin’s father, Su min, 28, died at the age of 89 years old (video) tokyo hot n0476

The father of Pu Cunxin Su min at 28, died at the age of 89 [Abstract] the Beijing people’s art director Pu Cunxin, the famous performing artist father Su min, this morning at home died peacefully in his sleep at the age of 89. The father of Pu Cunxin Su min at 28, died at the age of 89, Pu Cunxin’s father, Su min Beijing Youth Daily, Beijing Youth Daily in August 28th. Micro-blog news (reporter Guo Jia Wang Xiaoxi photography Cui Jun) famous performing artists, the Beijing people’s art director Pu Cunxin’s father Su min, today (August 28th) morning at home died peacefully in his sleep at the age of 89 years old, he was the vice president of the Beijing people’s art. Torgovnik, formerly known as Pu Si Su min Xun, Jiangsu province Nanjing city Lishui District Zhetang Town Creek Village, his father moved to Beijing. As a representative scholar artist at the beginning of the founding of Beijing, Su min from the last century, it is committed to the progress of the drama campaign in 40s. Then in the theater’s stage has played a "Thunderstorm" in Zhou Ping, "Cai Wenji" in the week, "Homer sometimes nods" in Gloucester muff, "sword" in his common role. July 4, 2012, Su min and Pu Cunxin in July 4, 2012 in the drama "Li Bai" conference Su min and Pu Cunxin in the drama "Li Bai" Conference on battling with Pu Cunxin’s father and son in the theater’s story is, in addition to the father with the derivation of complex layout of "Cai Wenji", the two together the original historical drama "Li Bai" became a drama the stage of scholar play classic, the Soviet people not only as a director, personally reciting Li Bai’s famous. In addition, two people have the role of inheritance, "Thunderstorm" in Zhou Ping is an example, the two men staged over one and the only one on the stage. In addition, Su min also has undertaken the art class and drama art class teaching of performance for art performing talent reserve in the future.相关的主题文章:

The 75 year old Kunqu artists deep skill myth ballet touched friends – Entertainment Sohu

The 75 year old Kunqu artists deep skill myth ballet touched friends – Chen Daoming, Zhu Dan   entertainment Sohu; Sohu entertainment news on Sunday night, Beijing satellite TV, "the image" China heritage, wonderful "open again"! Will pass as a duty of the Kunqu opera performing artists, the immortal classic reproduction of Kunqu Opera "the Peony Pavilion", its strong skill, let the observers Ming Fan quite shocked". However, the actors initiated for the promotion of opera "raise the performance", but the scene in the program caused no small controversy. In the European classical dance heritage Chinese image "myth ballet" Tan Yuanyuan, in order to carry out the "Chinese pride", made efforts to maintain and unimaginable way, deeply touched by all the audience, the observer Ming Fan is excited and praised Tan Yuanyuan: "for your pride!" Inheritance is a kind of responsibility: 75 year old young artists perfectly Xiaosheng actor "raise the Kunqu opera performance" controversy 400 years ago from a song, until now in ecstasies. In the drama master 400 anniversary of the death of Tang Xianzu, the 75 year old famous opera performing artist Cai Zhengren, with the name of "the Peony Pavilion" from "the inheritance on the stage China image". Wonderful lyrics, mildly lingering singing in the exquisite interpretation of Kunqu opera artists, once again let the audience feel the charm of Kunqu opera. Old man Cai Zhengren interpretation of the young actor Liu Mengmei perfectly, just perfect, "shocked" the observer Ming Fan: "Cai teacher put this age but also the young people do so in place, eye contact and rhythm are handled properly, the skill is too strong!" As a member of the Youth League of operatic players Ling Ke, is standing throughout the appreciation, to Taiwan on our respect. As one of the oldest Kunqu Opera, has been honored as the "Shanghai", after the mid Qing opera declined. Today, facing the problem of revival and Kunqu Opera carry forward the. In order to attract more young people to understand and accept the Kunqu Opera, popular elements of the young generation of Kunqu Opera actor according to current, launched the "Kunqu opera to raise public performances, the audience raised by the public in the form of a love scene. This depends on the actors themselves to promote, raise funds in the form, not only to allow users to question and do not understand, but also to allow the program to observe the scene and the Youth League members of the hot debate. Youth League members Ling Ke believes that the actors themselves to raise the public, it seems not normal, there should be other people to exercise this heart. Agree the less said: "art to complete in stage performance, is the inheritance and the greatest responsibility to the audience and art, but can survive, there should be other people to help." Wonderful host Liu Yiwei concluded: "Beijing satellite TV as a public television," the image "China heritage as a cultural program, we have the responsibility to spread the traditional culture China to everyone, let more people through this platform, such as the understanding of Kunqu art treasures of Chinese traditional culture feelings, and their It’s perfection itself. timeless classic." Inheritance is to adhere to and pay: Ballet myth behind efforts to move the audience fan.相关的主题文章:

Tsinghua University undergraduate honours students classes first launched

Tsinghua University undergraduate honours students classes first launched Tsinghua News Network on 22 September, (reporter Li Jing) the afternoon of September 21st, Tsinghua University undergraduate honours students and the first press conference opening ceremony was held in MMW technology building. Vice president of Tsinghua University Yang Bin, honorary degree pilot unit – the former chairman Tsien Hsueshen mechanical class Advisory Committee academician Huang Kezhi, the current chairman of the academician Yao Qizhi, Professor Qian Yonggang and chief adviser professor Zheng Quanshui attended. Yang Bin speech. Reporter Yuan Jie photo first of all, to explore the design of undergraduate degree program teachers and students who dare to challenge themselves expressed gratitude. He said, the twenty-fourth school education symposium has developed "on deepening education teaching reform, a number of opinions", to let the students become the subject of study, increase the selectivity of students, to stimulate academic interest, establish academic confidence. Undergraduate Honours Degree in teaching reform is more intensive and more solid and more financing to promote undergraduate courses, encourage more students improve learning motivation of scientific research, academic challenge. Through the design of the project, the students can make full use of all kinds of academic resources, lay a good foundation and carry out effective research and innovation projects. The establishment of undergraduate honours degree, hoping to guide the students to challenge the limits, challenge themselves, to be radically improved in terms of knowledge, ability and comprehensive quality, and school education in the teaching reform of the whole play a leading role. Zheng Quanshui introduces honorary degree. Reporter Yuan Jie photo Zheng Quanshui introduced the overall situation of the honorary degree program. He said that the project to the pursuit of excellence, beyond the self as the goal, to provide an open platform for innovation education, curriculum, research and practice through the honor and profound learning, peer learning, learning and research, with the realization of intensive practice, enhance Eq. Hope that the first batch of students to become opportunities to find, create opportunities to achieve the ultimate, adhere to a lifetime of excellence. Academician Yao Qizhi speech. Reporter Yuan Jie photo academician Yao Qizhi fully affirmed the honorary degree in personnel training of humanistic feelings and emotional intelligence, enhance students development speed of teaching innovation, pay attention to cross discipline based learning concept and measures, and said he was very pleased to contribute to the construction of the platform. Academician Huang Kezhi honors degree training pilot in the high hopes, hoping that this idea and the development of the ideal boost tsinghua. Professor Qian Yonggang said that the establishment of an honorary degree for Tsinghua School season to inject new colors, this year, China’s 60 anniversary of space, I hope the students dream come true. Freshman representative Yang Fan speak. Photo by reporter Yuan Jie Hu Jiayin ‘2015 students share the growing course in Tsien Hsueshen’s class, welcome students join the vitality and challenge the "money class" family, self, dream of success in the honorary degree on the platform. The first course honours student representative Yang Fan tells the Tsien Hsueshen mechanics class in the speech, hope that the love of mechanics can create the building blocks for China. Attended the event, as well as Deputy Dean, Dean of academic affairs Zheng Li, vice president of the College of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Liu Bin, Faculty of relevant departments, school programs related class project director.相关的主题文章:

The woman lost wallet unaware of the police received a call that meets. clonecd

The woman lost wallet unaware of the police received a call that meets. People picked up with 5300 yuan in cash wallet initiative to the police station. When the police telephone contact with the owner, the other thought is a liar hang up. 9 at noon at 12:30 PM, enthusiastic people miss Hao came to the drum tower police platform, a wallet to the hands of the police, the police want to help find the owner. Miss Hao said, on the morning of 10 pm, her work in Tanxi talent exchange market, picked up the black in the wallet, ID card, bank card number, cash 5030 yuan. Because many people live, she did not find the owner, had to seek police help. According to the ID card, the police immediately through the police integrated platform to inquire the other side of the phone, asking whether it is missing items. Answer the phone is a woman, she thought received a telephone fraud, the initiative to hang up the phone. However, soon, the other side and the phone call over. Originally, the owner Lee skeptical over packet inspection, found the wallet just disappeared. 5 minutes later, Lee came to the police station for the lost. She smiled and said he is careless, apologized to the police, and repeatedly thanked Ms. Hao shijinbumei.相关的主题文章:

How to get rid of clutter to get the brain into a state of high efficiency peepsamurai

How to get rid of clutter to get the brain into a state of high efficiency? Sometimes we get caught up in the stress and worry of our own lives, and our minds become too chaotic to function effectively. In the case of the exam is especially dangerous. After a few hours of reading and learning, our brains may be overloaded for a long time. It’s necessary to completely clean up your thoughts and get your brain back to normal. But the reality is that it’s not easy to clean up your mind when you’re nervous. So, when your brain is tied to some information overload, try these tips. 1. Set aside at least five minutes of quiet venting time. If you are at school, see if you can lower your head to rest or find an empty room or a quiet place. If necessary, set an alarm clock (or cell phone timing) or ask a friend to pat you on the shoulder and wake you up at the appointed time. 2. Think of a time and place where you can be at peace. This place is different for everyone. Have you ever sit on the beach and watch the waves took over, realize that you have a "trance" for a period of time? A similar experience is what you’re looking for. Other experiences that make us feel relaxed are: sitting in the dark watching the lights of the Christmas tree, do you remember the feeling of peace and peace? Lying in bed at night listening to good music. In cool weather, watching the clouds roll flat flow. 3. Cover your eyes and let you relax. If you prepare a class test in the school, you can just relax two elbows on the table, blindfolded with your hands. For some people, it may not be a good idea to relax. You may fall asleep! Use all your senses to make your experience as real as possible. If you imagine a Christmas tree, and imagine the smell and the tree fell on the wall of the well-proportioned shadows. Don’t let any other thoughts come into your mind. Once you start thinking about the exam questions, clear your mind and focus on what makes you relaxed. 4. Cheer up! Remember, this is not a nap time. The key here is to reactivate your brain. After five to ten minutes of cleaning time, take a brisk walk or drink water to rejuvenate your mind and body. Stay relaxed and refrain from thinking about things that make you feel stressed or blocking your brain. Don’t let your mind go back to stress. It is now possible to enter the exam or study in a relaxed state!相关的主题文章:

69 year old candidates to participate in the national judicial examination called brain fitness (Fig shuyue

69 year old candidates to participate in the national judicial examination called brain fitness (Figure) at the age of 69 just before the end of the national judicial examination. Intern reporter Huang Huan photo Hualong September 24th 12:43 news (intern reporter Huang Huan) 24, the first national judicial examination at the end of the 11:30 exam this year, the oldest 69 years old candidates said they participate in the judicial examination just out of interest, to test learning in peacetime, look to the brain "fitness" results. From Shapingba District in the first official is a judicial examination this year to participate in the age of the largest, at the age of 69, he told reporters, to take the exam just for their own interests, to test their usual legal achievement. Before he retired, he had been engaged in legal work. I do not have to work, but like to learn these, the national law in the continuous improvement and development, to participate in the judicial examination is to test the best way to learn my results." In the first official smiled and said. It is reported that this is the first official Mr. fourth to participate in the judicial examination, he felt this year than last year or some difficult questions, judicial examination was more flexible, can not rely on memory, and to study the law, it is a kind of "fitness" his mind in motion. And 11 points ahead of you out of Jiang Junzhi, from the Southwest University of Political Science and Law examinee, feel or no problem "" the first test contrary to expectation, the topic is mainly legal knowledge, wide range, usually study did not grasp the key, but also not too difficult." The reporter learned that, in the choice of No. 24 and No. 25 in the morning before the exam is three volume, relates to the socialist concept of rule of law and the law, economic law, criminal law, mainly master the knowledge points of the candidates. The 25 test in the afternoon is a case study, combined with legal knowledge to examine the flexible application of candidates. (responsibility editor: Desert white)相关的主题文章:

Grand track creative each other for a Wu Yifan’s worst pollution – William Chan’s entertainment Sohu zhongguorentiyishu

"Grand track" creative each other for a Wu Yifan’s worst pollution – William Chan’s entertainment Sohu "grand track" the Sohu "video creative appeared away! Love beans "show" grand track "creative show laughs   Wu Yifan and Chen Xuedong love at [Click to view photos] review:" grand track "cast away"! Love beans "entertainment Sohu (anti Hu Xuan Ying map Amoy Hamai paper clip) September 30th," grand track "directed by Guo Jingming, starring Wu Yifan," Qi "dust" zero "Chen Xuedong," the end of the day you spend, "Lin Yun Aarif Lee", "neon" pale juvenile Wang source, "paint" Wang Duo the video appeared Sohu away "! Love beans "recorded live. A few creative jokes constantly, mutual black from black chat awfully. Wu Yifan gave the expression of unruly day, Wu Yifan braved the highlights "Granny grey" tide, a black jacket with black baggy pants and reckless uninhibited. He said in the play as "the seven Baron" is a few words and good-looking man, the character of raisin. "The surface looks relatively cold, the heart is a very hot person. Like my life."         TFBOYS Wang is like a full of good students, wearing a white shirt printed, shy smile. Wang Yuan describes his pale young corner is subversive, will give you a sense of surprise. Guo Jingming broke the news, Wang Yuan wore a thin filming gown, not wearing underwear, to shoot the blowing effect when accidentally caught not wearing underwear shots. Of course, these are not likely to see in the film. Aarif Lee chest to steal the spotlight, with Wang source smile very happy     Aarif Lee V collar pleated shirt bosom big, bright run welfare. He played the "neon" ridicule "security", responsible for the protection of Amber Kuo’s king. This role is tall and strong, do not wear clothes, not to speak, the strongest skills is to help the master to open. Aarif Lee laughed and said don’t wear clothes and 92 meters height immediately attracted him to pick up the "grand track". "I’ve always wanted to do this."     Chen Xuedong wearing a dark green sweater with a pattern of roses, fresh and handsome. He said he was the most humble, most low character in the film. This character is to funny, shy, to various expressions, like the director with his lips." In the movie, Chen Xuedong plays the apostle Wu Yifan played with zero Qi King silver dust, the relationship between the two is very ambiguous.     to the scene "explosion" of time, creative who have picked up the small blackboard, Guo Jingming broke the beginning to find when Wu Yifan played the dust he was bald, also said the group is the most badly abused fanfan. "He had four stitches in his head when he hit the door of the car during the shoot, but he was wearing a heavy helmet with a motion capture device and a dedicated spirit." And when it comes to the crew size is the biggest, the whole staff are pointing to William Chan and Yang Mi, the poor did not come to the scene of two people have no chance to defend. Lin Yun thin is the original "chowhound" a    .相关的主题文章:

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